Thursday, October 14, 2010


Who's afraid of coyotes? Well I am a little afraid of most animals and I am certainly afraid of coyotes. I want to believe it is a healthy fear, but sometimes I wonder. On the other hand, some people think they can communicate with animals and there is nothing to fear. These people are misguided idiots. They are WILD animals. Wild animals do not know you are being nice and trying to make friends. Dolphins do not want to meet you or swim with you. Bears are people too. Um - no they're not. Snakes, turtles, spiders are not pets.

Back to coyotes. According to wikipedia - get ready for this one - there are 20,000 coyotes in the greater Chicago area. Hello. Nice coyote.

The short story - be afraid if you encounter a coyote in a suburban or urban area. More afraid in an urban area. Even more afraid if there are 2-3 coyotes. If you are in the park, you should consider yourself lucky to even see a coyote. They are nocturnal, after all. In the park they will probably have plenty of other stuff to prey upon. Human runner is not as good as small sheep or vole or rabbit at least not to a coyote.

This photo is courtesy of Rebecca Richardson

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At 9:38 PM , Blogger UncleRick said...

Mamma bear does not know you are just out picking blue berries.


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