Friday, June 10, 2011

Ragnar Madison to Chicago

After Hood-to-Coast I said never again to a relay team.  Here I am on a relay team.  197 miles / 12 runners - Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago, IL.  The race is organized by Ragnar.  I never heard of it before, but you can google to learn more.

From Hood-to-coast

Like: team work, atmosphere, getting to know people

Did not like: being in the damn van for hours, exhaustion.

Turn #3 was really difficult for me. I had to walk much more than run.  Felt bad letting my team down, but I could not make my legs go. 

Back to today, my plan is to take the first two turns very easy and try to run a sub 9 minute per mile pace for my third relay leg.  My last turn is 8.2 miles and ends on Northwestern's campus. 

Have you done one of these relays?

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