Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why can't Johnnie Run?

Better titles for this posting include the following:
- Why can't Johnnie Run, Walk, Swim, Bike, or Play?
- Why can't Julie and Johnnie Run?
- How can we get our children moving?

Short rant.  When I was a kid . . . (Many of you already know where this is going.)  When I was a kid living in suburban Ohio, my mom sent me out to ride my bike, play catch, have a water fight, cut the grass, make a snowman, etc. And etcetera. On Saturday mornings my mom would take me and couple of friends to the YMCA.  My dad put up a hoop on the garage and once in a while would shoot around with me.  My dad enjoyed taking us kids to the lake for a swim.  I could go on and highlight the basketball and football teams, and much more, but I think you get the idea.

So sad, true statistic from the CDC.  20% of US kids ages 6-11 are obese.  OMG CDC.  That is 3 times what is was in 1980.  Not proud to say it, but we used to make fun of "fat" kids, because they were kind of unusual.  Don't try that now - for many reasons. 

Please do not blame the internet, TV (we had TV in my day), school work, crime (we had crime in my day too), divorce or anything else.  I am putting blame on parents.  Come on moms and dads, what the heck?  Let's get these kids moving. 

I got inspired for this because of the NFL Play 60 commercials.  This is the NFL and United Way collaboration to address this national issue.  The music is great too.

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At 1:35 AM , Blogger BobbyMoBetta said...

Hey Uncle Rick..

Expanding my social media horizons/portfolio of interactivity...

I haven't been running enough and I had no idea this blog was here. Maybe it will encourage me so I can post about how much better and fastr I am than you since I'm like 15 years younger than you..




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