Monday, September 07, 2009

Running Up Hill

Up hill is two words, right? Here are some tips.

Use your arms. Think about your forearms being parallel with the running surface. I think this is the most important tip.
Shorten your stride. On steep hills this happens naturally, but think about it on not so steep hills.
Lean into the hill. Once again this happens on steep hills without thinking about it, but it works on all hills.
This last one is hard. You have to keep your head up, so that you can breath more efficiently. Looking down makes it harder to get O2. Keep your head up, but focus your eyes about a first down (30 ft) in front of you. When your head is up, your hips will come forward, which also helps.

Some part of it is mental. Convince yourself that you can run to the top, and let out a little "YES!" when you get there. Use another first down at least to return to your usual running form. Once you catch your breath, get going.

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