Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cemetary Running

I run through a cemetery on the way to the East - West bike trail in New Berlin, WI. This is one of my new places to train during the week. Running through a cemetery is nothing new for me. They are peaceful, safe places with lots to look at and shady. My family loves to kid me about how much I enjoy cemeteries. Keep in mind that not all cemeteries welcome runners and I have been kicked out of more than one cemetery in my running life. Lake View in Cleveland Heights and Arlington National in DC, both have me on their unwelcome list.

In more than one cemetery I have seen water faucets that the staff and visitors use to water flowers. I assume this, because I have never seen anyone actually use these faucets. They almost always have a sign indicating that the water is, "Not Safe for Drinking." How interesting. If you drink the water, what happens to you? Is it possible that if you do drink the water, you end up in the cemetery for a really long run!

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