Friday, February 04, 2011

2010 Philosophy of the Year

Last January I announced a philosophy of the year for 2009.  Today I am announcing the 2010 philosophy of the year.  The winner is from a 2002 R&B song that I heard for the first time in 2010.  I am not a big R&B fan, but I like to try out new music.  Not exactly pushing any boundaries, more like a little stretching out. (running pun, in case you missed it)  The singer is Syleen Johnson and the song is Guess What.  You can google all that if you are so inclined.  One of my friends has a standard answer for just about anything you say to her - "you can look it up" - which indeed you can.   

Love this picture on my blog.  Syleen looking all bad ass.

Verse from Syleen Johnson's Guess What, "If you want to be the king, you have to wear the crown."  Awesome.  Think about it.  As an example, you want to be a dad, well you cannot hide out and be a dad.  You have got to be a dad all day, every day.  Running; you cannot fake being a runner.  You have to do the work and be consistent and people are going to know you are a runner.  You have to wear the crown.

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