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What is your take on the local chiropractor? Seems like there are too many chiropractors to me. It is a big business with ~$20B spent on chiropractic services in the US annually. Topics for the marketing blog, not the running blog.

We went to a new age health fair on Saturday. I was being a good husband, just hanging with my wife doing what she wanted to do and not making any fuss. Thanks Ozzie wherever you are for the best marriage advice ever. If we were doing what I wanted, it would have included coffee or beer, or coffee flavored beer. And sports.

Back to the new age health fair. So the chiropractor sees me and asks if he can take my picture with a standard digital camera. Sure doc, no problem. Stand here, relax. Looks good. Except in ten years you are going to have arthritis and be in severe pain. Thanks for stopping by. You head weighs approximately ten pounds.

Yep. That was the pitch.

One thing leads to another and I have a complementary assessment appointment for Thursday. I will keep the appointment because I am open minded and want to give the DC and his team a chance. I also have no problem saying, "no thanks" to additional treatments. But I am also looking into chiropractic via google. I have found an abundance of articles and videos disputing the health benefits of going to the chiropractor and if I was skeptical before, I am really having doubts now. My summary, go see your MD first. Chiropractic can be good for treating low back pain. However, do not let them work on your cervical spine due to a high risk/reward ratio.

It was interesting to learn about "straights" and "mixers" as the two types of chiropractors. Kind of like the Tea Party and Republicans. More would identify as mixers than straights. Straights adhere more to chiropractic's original theory and practice, while mixers (a term applied by the straights and unpopular among the mixers) may incorporate almost any modality into their practices. Pasted from http://www.skepdic.com/chiro.html

Subluxation, a foundation of chiropractic, is ambiguous and a source of controversy. It is either of worthy of particular attention as the straights will contend. Or according to the General Chiropractic Council of the UK, it "is an historical concept" and "is not supported by any clinical research evidence that would allow claims to be made that it is the cause of disease or health concerns."

The chiropractic vertebral subluxation complex has been a source of controversy since its inception in 1895 due to its metaphysical origins and claims of far reaching effects on health and disease. Although some chiropractic associations and colleges support the concept of subluxation, many in the chiropractic profession reject it and shun the use of this term as a diagnosis. In the United States and in Canada the term "nonallopathic lesion" is commonly used in place of subluxation as a diagnosis, and is considered a more accurate descriptor of lesions that chiropractors treat most commonly. From http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/vertebral_subluxation

I spent a great deal of time on subluxation, but don't ask me to explain it. Something like, a problem with spine that does not show on x-rays is causing a nervous system "block" and that is why you have your symptoms. I think if the DC you go to dwells on this too much, it is time to find a different cure for what ails you.




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