Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Five 800s

I am out for the once a week speed workout in a few minutes. I have been running four 800s at 3:30 each. Today we up the ante to five.

There is a great deal of math in the running life. On Saturday, I could not stop doing math problems during my run. I was stuck on how many km in a marathon and other useless calculating. Seriously annoying myself, which is kind of funny now, but was not at all funny while I was trying to enjoy myself. Usually I just annoy other people, so once again running has helped me reveal a new talent known as "self annoyance." Look for workshop announcements on how you too can annoy yourself, using my patented approach.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Four Seconds

Putting yourself out there - shooting for something that is not easy, maybe not even possible. You cannot score if you do not shoot, as a famous and wise basketball coach once said. My Peace Race experience was everything I was expecting. I won - no one cares about me being 4 seconds off my goal time.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Peace Race 2008

October 12 - Sunday. I am looking forward to this race, even though it means missing the Towpath experience. Two great options for runners on the same day - isn't it great?

Running my age. If I can run the 10K in 48 minutes that would be ok with me. Not even my running friends care too much about my time. My family could not care less. Honestly, my family would not know what to say if I came home and reported that I ran a 38 minute 10K. "That's wonderful, can you take the dog for a walk?" is the likely response.

Winning according to Uncle Rick. Completing my training, feeling good, getting on the starting line, enjoying the day, being nice to someone and not one darn second over 48 minutes.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Running in a cemetery never seems like the wrong thing. I like to go in the morning every once in a while. Lakeview in Cleveland Heights - the best, however they will stop you at the gate if they see you, depending on who is on duty.

I ran into (good one) a friend (more of an acquaintance) in North Chagrin. We ended up going south on SOM and I turned in at Knollwood Cemetery. Check out this photo of one of the graves I came across. You can create your own story. Please not too sad or scary. You know of course that cemeteries are for the ones left behind. Grandkids hopefully.

Another time I can let you know about my being "directed" out of Arlington National Cemetery at o-700.

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