Saturday, September 19, 2009

River Run Recovery

I am looking back on last Sunday's River Run experience and feeling good about every aspect of the event. Organization, weather, course, people - all great. It did take me a few days to get back to running, but that is OK. I am planning to run six or seven miles tomorrow.

Here is something different. In addition to planning my run, I am planning what I am going to think about. You see, I have some career things to work figure out. I know lots of people have stuff, especially jobs and career related to deal with, so I don't think I am unique or special. However, in all my years of running and thinking, I have never planned what to think about in advance, until now.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Running Club

I ran with the East Side Striders Second Sole Striders East of Lyndhurst running club on Wednesday evening. The club name is a moving target which if you are like me, you see a small amount of humor there. It was a great night to be out for a run, the group is very friendly and large. I enjoyed the camaraderie. I was not wild about running on the Richmond Road sidewalk, but I will get over it.

On Facebook at:

** Second Sole Striders - East Side, Lyndhurst

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Running Up Hill

Up hill is two words, right? Here are some tips.

Use your arms. Think about your forearms being parallel with the running surface. I think this is the most important tip.
Shorten your stride. On steep hills this happens naturally, but think about it on not so steep hills.
Lean into the hill. Once again this happens on steep hills without thinking about it, but it works on all hills.
This last one is hard. You have to keep your head up, so that you can breath more efficiently. Looking down makes it harder to get O2. Keep your head up, but focus your eyes about a first down (30 ft) in front of you. When your head is up, your hips will come forward, which also helps.

Some part of it is mental. Convince yourself that you can run to the top, and let out a little "YES!" when you get there. Use another first down at least to return to your usual running form. Once you catch your breath, get going.

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

I am ready

I was out alone on the trail before 8:00 am on Saturday morning. I had a plan to run 10 miles to see if I could. I ran for 1:42 which 10 + miles. Saw all the usual stuff in North Chagrin including hawks and deer and a few people that I like wave to and smile at. I felt great when I was done and felt great the rest of the day. I was a little stiff today, but no big deal.

Cleveland Clinic River Run - here I come.

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